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I'm Lance, your fractional Head of People
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Employee disengagement is a $406B problem in the US alone.

I help companies get back $520 per person, each year by:

Optimizing culture for 6 key elements... at every stage of the employee lifecycle 

Culture isn't a feeling... It's a collection of experiences

Start your Employee Experience Audit now. 

There are so many great things you are suggesting that I look forward to developing and using on our team.
CRO, Tiny Wood Stove
"Lance is principled and people-centric. I’ll always be grateful for the time I’ve had to work closely with him."
Arlen Byrd
Chief People Officer - XWP

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Starts at $1,000/month

This service gives you a direct line to me, your fractional People Ops Leader or Head of Remote.

Asynchronous communication and weekly advisory calls are included. Perfect for:

  • Coaching  & Mentorship
  • Strategic Advice 
  • Feedback collection
  • Concept ideation
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Starts at $5,000

A guided audit of your company's employee experience. Find out where your culture is most vulnerable and identify opportunities to increase ROI. 

A comprehensive look at the employee lifecycle measured against six key factors: Connection, Trust, Belonging, Transparency, Communication, and Collaboration. 

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$7,500 -$15,000/month

A premium monthly service that Inserts a People Ops or Head of Remote Leader into your company to support the people function in part or in whole.

In this service, I'll work hands on with your team, conduct 1:1s and team meetings, take responsibility for project success and report directly to stakeholders

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About Me

I'm a people person 1st. Creating delightful scalable experiences for the talented humans that make businesses thrive is what I'm all about.

As a consultant and advisor I've led broad remote workplace design and policy developments for enterprise, agency, small startups and non-profits. As an in-house leader I've overseen 3x growth with two companies, taking them from the tens to the hundreds of people.

With over a decade of HR experience growing distributed organizations, I'm ready to partner with founders to ensure their companies are winning when it comes to attracting, retaining, and serving talented people.


Team growth... 2x
Years OF HR & People Leadership